The Revolutionary Jointless Concrete Solution - Maintenance and Headache Free

Our impermeable concrete system makes control joints - and all of their issues - obsolete



Control Joints. Curling. Forklift damage and repairs. Reduced productivity.
Maintenance costs and headaches. Racking system and robotic challenges.

Sound familiar?


MEGASLAB™ is a complete concrete system that utilizes sophisticated nanotechnology and a proprietary blend of durable and flexible admixtures, creating a jointless slab with exceptional durability and tensile strength. Large concrete projects, like distribution centers, can now pour the largest slabs available in the industry, alleviating the pain points of the past.

Traditional Concrete

Saw-Cut Control Joints every 15 Feet

"Joint-less" Concrete

Saw-Cut Control Joints every 50 Feet


Zero Saw-Cut Control Joints
The MEGASLABTM Jointless Concrete Solution is a revolutionary concrete system that:

✓ Eliminates control joints and curling
✓ Improves your overall productivity
✓ Reduces installation, maintenance and equipment costs
✓ Drastically increases the life of your concrete installation
✓ Provides endless flexibility in racking system layouts
✓ Creates a superior appearance and shine


Our Story

MEGASLABTM was born out of shared collaboration between concrete experts Jason Adams of Sinclair Construction Group and internationally known industry expert Sylvester Schmidt. Jason Adams has accumulated over 20 years of extensive construction practices and techniques. Sylvester Schmidt is considered an industry expert in concrete technology, with over 4 decades of experience working on projects totaling in the billions. As head of technology for MEGASLABTM, he provides expertise in the field of concrete, fibers, and chemical admixtures.

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