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MEGASLAB® will install it’s Revolutionary Concrete Slab without Rebar to Support a Three-story Self Storage Building in the Loring Heights neighborhood of Atlanta, GA.

December 2, 2019 

ARCO Design/Build has contracted MEGASLAB® to pour its revolutionary concrete slab for the SAFStor project in midtown Atlanta.

The new three-story, 106,455 SF facility will utilize MEGASLAB® solutions for the slab on the ground, which will support the building and composite metal decks.

Initially, ARCO Design/Build was considering a traditional mat slab design using more concrete and a double mat of rebar. This design would have required more time to build and increased material and labor costs. The MEGASLAB® revolutionary concrete slab design will save both time and money while offering superior performance and durability with no saw cuts required.

ARCO’s decision to go with MEGASLAB® not only provides them with the most durable concrete slab in the industry today, but it also allows them to bring their project in under budget and ahead of schedule.

MEGASLAB® is a complete concrete system that utilizes sophisticated nanotechnology paired with a proprietary blend of durable and flexible admixtures. This results in an impermeable jointless slab with exceptional tensile strength and durability for the heaviest loads and equipment. Its patent-pending formula features ground-breaking technology paired with powerful admixtures that create an incredibly dense and impermeable slab, which drastically reduces the need for joints, therefore drastically reducing associated issues and costs. 

The MEGASLAB® design will reduce the amount of concrete, eliminate the rebar and control joints while supporting the load-bearing metal stud walls with elevated slabs on a metal deck, concluded Adams.

ARCO Design/Build, Inc. is a national design/build firm widely recognized as an industry leader for various industrial project types, including but not limited to a cold storage warehouse, light industrial distribution, and manufacturing. 

The MEGASLAB® Company was born out of the joint collaboration between concrete experts Jason Adams of Sinclair Construction Group and internationally known industry expert Sylvester Schmidt. Jason Adams has accumulated over 20 years of extensive construction practices and techniques. Sylvester Schmidt is considered an industry expert in concrete technology, with over 4 decades of experience working on projects totaling in the billions. 

They bring their revolutionary new concrete product, MEGASLAB®, to the wide range of construction and trade industries who rely upon concrete, but need a superior product that requires less maintenance, has fewer initial building costs, and can support much greater loads without rebar and control joints.