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Wagner Equipment Company hires MEGASLAB® again for their state-of-the art facility in Albuquerque, NM

Wagner Equipment has had its second MEGASLAB® concrete slab poured at the company’s new state-of-the-art sales, service and repair facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The project consisted of 300,000 sq. ft exterior concrete paving for their new building just a few short months after their first MEGASLAB® pour was completed in Aurora, CO.

MEGASLAB® is a revolutionary and complete concrete system that utilizes sophisticated nanotechnology paired with a proprietary blend of durable and flexible admixtures. This results in an impermeable and incredibly dense jointless slab with exceptional tensile strength and durability for the heaviest loads and equipment.  

The 300,000 sq. ft slab placement in Albuquerque was installed by Sinclair Construction Group, an Atlanta-based contractor and MEGASLAB® Authorized Installer (AI) and has been instrumental in the development of MEGASLAB® in recent years. 

Due to the unique MEGASLAB® technology, Sinclair’s team maintained the project’s shortened critical path without sacrificing either workability or quality. 

Although the contractor faced extreme weather challenges in Albuquerque’s tough environment of low humidity, high winds and extreme temperature swings, the post-placement quality check confirmed that the MEGASLAB® concrete slab cured as designed. The MEGASLAB® system utilizes sophisticated nanotechnology paired with a proprietary blend of durable and flexible admixtures to create a product that is easily installed and will endure even in the toughest conditions like Albuquerque offers.

Wagner Equipment first installed MEGASLAB® at its headquarters in Aurora, CO in December of 2019. Thirteen days after placement, Wagner Equipment performed a series of rigorous tests using their steel-tracked CAT D10 dozer. The MEGASLAB® concrete slab exceeded all expectations.

In one of those tests, Wagner Equipment operators drove that CAT D10 dozer over the hardened concrete to determine if the grouser tracks would damage the concrete slab. The tracks’ grousers left only minor surface cosmetic scratches on the MEGASLAB® surface proving that not only does the Megaslab cure to a much more durable surface, but it does it in much less time.

The MEGASLAB® Company was born from the collaboration between concrete experts Jason Adams of Sinclair Construction Group and internationally known industry expert Sylvester Schmidt.

Jason Adams has accumulated over 20 years of extensive construction practices and techniques. Sylvester Schmidt is considered an industry expert in concrete technology, with over 4 decades of experience working on projects totaling in the billions. 

They bring their revolutionary new concrete product, MEGASLAB®, to the wide range of construction and trade industries who rely upon concrete, but need a superior product that requires less maintenance and can support much greater loads with no rebar and elimination of control joints.