Heavy Equipment (OEMs and Dealers)


Ordinary concrete hasn’t changed much over the years. A tweak here. A tweak there, but nothing that could be classified as revolutionary. As industries and equipment advance, ordinary concrete simply can’t keep up. That’s especially true for Heavy Equipment Dealers and Manufacturers. Tracks clawing at the concrete accelerate the wear on your slab. You’re left with surface delamination, spalling, broken joint edges, and pitting. Then you’re at the mercy of freezing, thawing, and de-icing salts, which continue to accelerate wear at the surface.

Customer Testimonial

Carolina CAT

Mike Drye, Superintendent at Bradbury and Stamm, has seen what harsh environments and heavy equipment can do to traditional concrete and asphalt – it’s not a pretty sight. So, when he applied MEGASLAB and saw how durable it was, he became one of our biggest fans. Listen to learn more about Mike’s experience and why he chooses to #BuildaRevolution with MEGASLAB.

The only “solution” you’ve had has been to invest heavily and continuously in the maintenance and replacement of concrete. That has been the solution for so long that it’s become the accepted “norm.” MEGASLAB brings that costly and annoying cycle to an end and backs its revolutionary capabilities with a three-year warranty. MEGASLAB combines ground-breaking technology with powerful admixtures to create an incredibly durable slab. See for yourself.

MEGASLAB® Advantages

  • Incredibly flat surface
  • Single panels as large as 200’ x 200’ with zero control joints
  • Increased impact and abrasion resistance
  • Acceleration of install schedule
  • Dense, durable surface
  • Impermeable
  • No densifier needed
  • Reduced maintenance for facility and equipment
  • Dramatic curling reduction
  • Constant floor surface profile
  • Rack anchors installed without conflict with steel rebar
  • Increases value of property
  • Robot-friendly
  • Future-proofs the facility
  • Lowest life cycle cost
  • Self-curing
  • No additional floor coatings required
  • Dramatic reduction in lost goods due to handling


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