Runs Better On MEGASLAB

Heavy equipment imposes unique demands on the concrete surfaces it operates upon due to a combination of weight, operational intensity, and the nature of tasks they perform.

MEGASLAB® Advantages
for Heavy Equipment

No Rebar.

Flat, smooth surface.

Up to 150′ panels with zero control joints.

Increased impact and abrasion resistance.

Quicker install times.

Quicker cure time.

Dense, durable surface.


Reduced maintenance.

Lowest life cycle cost.

The MEGASLAB Difference

Weight Tolerance

Ordinary concrete may not withstand the weight of heavy equipment, leading to cracking or structural failure. MEGASLAB is designed to bear higher load capacities, reducing the risk of such damage.

Abrasion Resistance

Heavy machinery often involves abrasive movements, like dragging, scraping, or vibrating. Over time, this can wear down the concrete slab. MEGASLAB can better resist this abrasion, maintaining its integrity longer.

Impact Resistance

Heavy equipment can cause substantial impact stress on concrete surfaces, especially in cases of dropped loads or heavy machinery movement. MEGASLAB is formulated to absorb and distribute these forces better, reducing the chance of cracking or chipping.

Reduced Maintenance

Because of the increased strength and durability, and fewer joints, MEGASLAB reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance and repair work. This is particularly important in environments where downtime for repairs can be costly.

More Efficient Machines

Uneven, cracked, or rough surfaces can cause undue strain on heavy equipment, leading to premature wear and tear and inefficient operations. MEGASLAB’s smooth and level surfaces reduce the amount of stress on the machinery for optimal performance.


Cracked or damaged slabs can present serious safety hazards, particularly in environments with heavy machinery. Strong, durable, and evenly distributed concrete slabs from MEGASLAB reduces the risk of accidents.

The type of machinery we have is so heavy, typical concrete would be destroyed by it. The MEGASLAB concrete on this facility is two years old, and it looks as new as it did the day it went down.
Joe Allison
Facility Coordinator, Wagner Equipment Co.


The Strength & Durability to Take On Heavy Equipment

Ordinary concrete hasn’t changed much over the years. A tweak here. A tweak there, but nothing that could be classified as revolutionary. As industries and equipment advance, ordinary concrete simply can’t keep up. That’s especially true for Heavy Equipment Dealers and Manufacturers. Tracks clawing at the concrete accelerate the wear on your slab. You’re left with surface delamination, spalling, broken joint edges, and pitting. Then you’re at the mercy of freezing, thawing, and de-icing salts, which continue to accelerate wear at the surface.

Enter MEGASLAB, the ultimate solution for heavy-duty concrete needs. These incredibly durable concrete slabs are specially designed for heavy equipment, significantly increasing abrasion resistance, durability, and load capacity. Whether it’s heavy-duty concrete solutions or industrial flooring, MEGASLAB has you covered.

Customer Testimonial

Wagner Equipment Co

Mike Drye, Superintendent at Bradbury and Stamm, has seen what harsh environments and heavy equipment can do to traditional concrete and asphalt – it’s not a pretty sight. So, when he applied MEGASLAB and saw how durable it was, he became one of our biggest fans. Listen to learn more about Mike’s experience and why he chooses to #BuildaRevolution with MEGASLAB.

Groundbreaking Technology

The only “solution” you’ve had has been to invest heavily and continuously in the maintenance and replacement of concrete. That has been the solution for so long that it’s become the accepted “norm.” MEGASLAB brings that costly and annoying cycle to an end and backs its revolutionary capabilities with a three-year warranty. MEGASLAB combines ground-breaking technology with powerful admixtures to create an incredibly durable slab. See for yourself.
featured Proj2

Featured Success Story

Carolina CAT

CAT is known for its heavy equipment, and MEGASLAB offers an engineered concrete system with the strength and durability to stand up to that heavy equipment. Recently, we poured MEGASLAB for Carolina CAT, and the rest is history.

That’s how you change the world – one project at a time.

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