Concrete Technology

MEGASLAB has transformed the traditional concrete construction material, bringing about sustainable concrete innovations that extend wear life and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of concrete production.


A Technological Revolution in Concrete, 2,000 Years in the Making.

Using the eco friendly concrete technology, MEGASLAB consistently outperforms portland cement and other  building materials in all concrete tests across various environments and applications.

See Megaslab In Action

Seeing is believing, and we have a lot to show the world. 


Harnessing innovative technologies and alternative fuels, MEGASLAB can produce a +7,000 PSI compressive (ASTM C39) strength, optimizing a 4,000 PSI standard mix design, making it a key player in the cement sector. Plus, flexural strengths (ASTM C78) are 40% to 100% higher than ordinary mix designs.


More Durable

MEGASLAB has higher density, better abrasion and erosion resistance, and delivers a stronger surface. It lasts decades longer than regular concrete and is highly suited to high-traffic areas, heavy loads, and industrial use cases.


MEGASLAB has a higher structural capacity than an ordinary 4,000 PSI slab with rebar reinforcement.


Maturity sensors placed in MEGASLAB show it reaches strength much faster than ordinary concrete mixes.


Our proprietary system, backed by green concrete technology, slashes greenhouse gas emissions and carbon emissions
by up to 50% ,paving the way for a low carbon transition in cement production.

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