Cold Storage


There is a long list of pain points regarding cold storage and concrete, such as incredibly thick slabs with rebar that conflict with your rack installation, spalled joints, curled floors, and delamination. There have been numerous expensive attempts to reduce joints and increase durability. For instance, making concrete ‘expand to fight shrinkage’ has been around since the 60s; it is difficult to get it right, and the pour sizes and sequence are limited. Plus, the environment has to be just right for concrete to be placed. Others include spreading additional rock into the surface and dry shake hardeners, all to increase durability.

Over the years, there have been slight improvements to concrete to combat its bad behavior and resistance to the cold environment. Still, no advances would be classified as revolutionary – until now. MEGASLAB is an engineered concrete system that utilizes sophisticated nanotechnology paired with a proprietary blend of durable and flexible admixtures to unleash a wealth of benefits.

MEGASLAB® Advantages

  • No rebar
  • Incredibly flat surface
  • Single panels as large as 200' x 200' with zero control joints.
  • Increased impact and abrasion resistance
  • Dense, durable - and no densifier needed
  • No trap rock or hardeners needed
  • Impermeable
  • Dramatic curling reduction
  • Tilt-Up compatible
  • Self-curing
  • No additional floor coatings required
  • Faster installation than traditional cold storage slabs
  • Increases value of property
  • Robot-friendly
  • Less damage to forklifts, robots, and other equipment
  • Future-proofs the facility
  • Lowest life cycle cost
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance for facility and equipment
  • Reduced workers comp claims due to accidents
  • Dramatic reduction in lost goods due to tipped loads or other floor-related accidents


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