Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Achieve Precision with MEGASLAB

Facilitites with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) need concrete that can withstand high traffic, heavy loads, and provide the precision needed for automated machinery, all while ensuring safety and minimal maintenance.

MEGASLAB Advantages
for ASRS

Incredibly flat surface

200’ x 200’ single panels with zero control joints

Increased impact and abrasion resistance

Acceleration of install schedule

Dense, durable surface


No densifier needed

Reduced maintenance for facility & equipment

Dramatic curling reduction

Constant floor surface profile

Rack anchors  without conflict with steel rebar

Increases value of property


Future-proofs the facility

Lowest life cycle cost


No additional floor coatings required

Dramatic reduction in lost goods due to handling

The MEGASLAB Difference

Precision and Accuracy

ASRS rely heavily on precision and accuracy for the efficient operation of their automated machinery. MEGASLAB eliminates the risk of irregularities in the flooring can disrupt the operation of these sensitive systems, leading to delays or errors.

Reduced Maintenance and Downtime

ASRS operations are highly streamlined, and any disruption due to maintenance or repairs can lead to significant downtime and operational costs. MEGASLAB minimizes these disruptions, enhancing operational efficiency.

Handling Heavy Loads

ASRS facilities have constant machine traffic and store a significant amount of inventory. MEGASLAB has unmatched resistance to wear and tear to sustain substantial static, dynamic loads, and frequent use without degradation.

Future-Proof Business

As ASRS technology and machinery evolve, the facility may need to adapt. MEGASLAB is versatile enough to handle these changes without needing extensive alterations or repairs.

Environnmental Sustainability

Many facilities are focused on reducing their environmental impact. MEGASLAB contributes to sustainability goals since its efficient design results in longer-lasting concrete and reduces the need for replacements, lowering the carbon footprint by up to 50%.


MEGASLAB is resistant to cracking or chipping so it provides a safer working environment, reducing the risk of machine malfunctions or accidents caused by cracks, unevenness, or surface degradation.



Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) buildings, with their narrower aisles and taller racks, require a particular type of concrete floor design to handle the weight and height of the equipment. Typically, to achieve the essential durability for ASRS, contractors have been limited to thicker slabs and double rebar reinforcement because of the use of ordinary concrete with only minor material tweaks (e.g., a lower water-to-cement ratio). While such an approach using ordinary concrete and a substantial amount of steel have been proven to work, such systems take longer to build and are not sustainability-minded.
The solution to these issues and risks? Reinvent the concrete itself. MEGASLAB delivers a revolutionary concrete system as an engineered solution to your ASRS facility’s design. With the incredibly low shrinkage and curl of our system, as well as the reduction of construction joints, MEGASLAB is positioned to take on the unique requirements of ASRS facilities like no other system.

Your Next Heavy Equipment Project

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