MEGASLAB is the industry leader in reducing the massive carbon footprint of concrete. However, our solution is more than simply “carbon reduction concrete” or “environmentally friendly concrete.” MEGASLAB is an engineered concrete system that works together to speed installation and lower costs by using less material while also delivering unmatched strength and a lifespan that exceeds ordinary concrete. While some companies focus on creating eco-friendly cement and sustainable concrete solutions by injecting CO2 into their concrete, that approach only reduces emissions by around 5%. MEGASLAB reduces C02 emissions by up to 50%.

By harnessing nanotechnology, mixture optimization, and project-specific engineering, MEGASLAB redefines concrete slab and pavement performance – and CO2 reduction is only one aspect of that.

The US needs over 1000 eCommerce facilities, each facility will require approximately 40,000 cubic yards of concrete. That much concrete is equivalent to 20 billion pounds of CO2 emissions.

MEGASLAB would reduce CO2 emissions on every facility by 30%.

That is over 6 billion pounds of CO2!

CO2 Stats

MEGASLAB is working to save the world 30% at a time.

Take a huge step forward to achieving your climate pledge goal with MEGASLAB.