Waste Management

Reduces Downtime With MEGASLAB

In the waste management industry, robust concrete slab flooring like MEGASLAB® is vital. This high strength, durable, impact-resistant, and chemically resilient concrete mix withstands heavy loads, constant wear, and diverse waste stream materials encountered daily, making it an ideal solution for solid waste facilities and waste transfer stations. With a concrete surface designed for longevity, it offers a significant advantage in construction waste management and ensures a longer service life for floors.

MEGASLAB® Advantages
for Waste Management

No Rebar.

Flat, smooth surface.

Up to 150′ panels with zero control joints.

Increased impact and abrasion resistance.

Quicker install times.

Quicker cure time.

Dense, durable surface.


Reduced maintenance.

Lowest life cycle cost.

The MEGASLAB Difference

Resilient Concrete Solution for Waste Management Floors

Impact Resistance

Solid waste facilities and waste transfer stations require concrete surface slabs that can resist chemical attack and impact. MEGASLAB® provides green concrete solutions with a high strength durable concrete that withstand the shocks from dumpsters, roll off trucks, and other heavy equipment, offering unmatched resistance to abrasion. and a dense, durable surface perfect for waste facility flooring.

Abrasion Resistance

The constant movement of heavy materials and machinery can wear down ordinary concrete over time. MEGASLAB offers unmatched resistance to this abrasion.

Environmental Sustainability

MEGASLAB® offers environmentally friendly concrete slabs that contribute to the sustainability goals of the waste management industry. Its efficient design results in longer-lasting concrete flooring for waste facilities, reducing the need for replacements and lowering the carbon footprint by up to 50%.

Chemical Resistance

The waste industry deals with a wide range of materials, some of which may be corrosive or harmful to ordinary concrete. MEGASLAB is resistant to such substances, preventing degradation and maintaining integrity over time.

Ease of Maintenance

Given the demanding nature of operations, any downtime for maintenance or repairs can be disruptive and costly. MEGASLAB requires less frequent repair and maintenance, minimizing downtime and costs.


Waste management facilities need to maintain high safety standards. Cracked or damaged flooring can be a safety hazard. MEGASLAB reduces this risk, providing a safer working environment.



MEGASLAB® is an engineered concrete slab that goes beyond heavy-duty. Waste management is a demanding industry, with the constant use of heavy equipment and high-impact tasks. MEGASLAB has the strength, durability, and technology to take on those tasks for years to come. Just as important, our team of experts provides you with a custom, facility-specific design that fits your specific needs.
For decades, the waste management industry has deserved a tailored solution, and we’re delivering it. That’s how you “Build a Revolution,” one project at a time.

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