A manufacturing facility’s effectiveness and efficiency depend significantly
on the quality of its concrete flooring.

MEGASLAB Advantages
for Manufacturing

Incredibly flat surface

200’ x 200’ single panels with zero control joints

Increased impact and abrasion resistance

Acceleration of install schedule

Dense, durable surface


No densifier needed

Reduced maintenance for facility & equipment

Dramatic curling reduction

Constant floor surface profile

Rack anchors  without conflict with steel rebar

Increases value of property


Future-proofs the facility

Lowest life cycle cost


No additional floor coatings required

Dramatic reduction in lost goods due to handling

The MEGASLAB Difference

Heavy Duty Floors for Manufacturing Units

Handling Heavy Traffic

Manufacturing plants are hubs of intense activity with heavy machinery and substantial loads. MEGASLAB offers an industrial concrete floor solution, ideal for such industrial settings. Our concrete flooring is a stronger and more abrasion resistant option that can withstand the demands of foot traffic and machinery. Unlike regular concrete flooring, MEGASLAB ensures that the floor's surface remains resilient, minimizing the risks of cracking or sustaining damage.

More Efficient Machines

Uneven, cracked, or rough surfaces can cause undue strain on heavy manufacturing equipment, leading to premature wear and tear and inefficient operations. MEGASLAB’s smooth and level surfaces reduce the amount of stress on the machinery for optimal performance.

Environmental Sustainability

Many manufacturing facilities are focused on reducing their environmental impact. MEGASLAB contributes to sustainability goals since its efficient design results in longer-lasting concrete and reduces the need for replacements, lowering the carbon footprint by up to 50%.

Minimized Downtime

Any disruption in manufacturing due to floor maintenance or repairs can lead to costly downtime. MEGASLAB eliminates these disruptions, enhancing operational efficiency.

Chemical Resistance

Manufacturing processes may involve a variety of chemicals that can be harmful to ordinary concrete. MEGASLAB is resistant to such substances and maintains its integrity over time.


MEGASLAB is resistant to cracking or chipping so it provides a safer working environment, reducing the risk of accidents caused by uneven or damaged flooring.



No doubt, you and your team take pride in the quality of the products you manufacture. Just like your products are designed to solve your customers’ needs, MEGASLAB has created an Engineered Eco-Friendly Concrete Flooring System designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturing facilities. We provide you with a custom, facility-specific design that goes beyond ordinary concrete slabs for flooring. Our solution is tailored to your needs, not a cookie-cutter approach common in the industry. Whether you’re looking for high-performance industrial flooring or eco-friendly options, MEGASLAB offers the best concrete slab flooring system for manufacturing that fulfills all your needs. It’s time for the traditional way of doing things to evolve. MEGASLAB is “Building a Revolution,” and your manufacturing facility can be part of it.

Imagine zero downtime related to slab floors and a flooring surface without a saw-cut joint in your manufacturing operation. With MEGASLAB’s concrete slab flooring system, that vision becomes a reality. We offer a high-performance industrial flooring solution that ensures uninterrupted productivity and durability. Whether you need flooring for heavy equipment manufacturing floors, forklifts, heavy loads, racking systems, or harsh conditions, our eco-friendly concrete flooring for manufacturing facilities is designed to meet all your needs. Plus, we can utilize armored construction joints if needed, providing a robust and resilient surface tailored to your specific requirements.

Revolutionize your Manufacturing project


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