Why Businesses are Switching to Megaslab’s eco friendly concrete flooring slabs?

In the world of industrial construction, the quest for a flooring solution that balances environmental responsibility with unparalleled strength and durability has been ongoing. Whether it’s Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Cold Storage, Distribution Centers, Food and beverage, Heavy Equipment, Intermodal and Ports, Manufacturing, or Waste Management – all sectors are feeling the pressure to […]

Why is the Durability of Concrete Important?

Construction Engineers Prioritizing Durability

In the construction industry, ensuring the durability of structures, especially those built from concrete, stands as a critical priority. History has shown that overlooking the strength and maintenance of concrete can lead to grave outcomes. A notable example is the 1967 Silver Bridge collapse. The Silver Bridge, a vital artery connecting Point Pleasant, West Virginia, […]

How to Stop Concrete from Cracking: Proven Strategies for Long-Lasting Results

Concrete Cracks

Concrete, renowned for its durability and robustness, stands as a top choice for numerous construction endeavors. Yet, even this stalwart material has its vulnerabilities: cracking. This article offers a comprehensive understanding of why concrete cracks and presents detailed strategies to prevent these fissures, ensuring the longevity of your concrete infrastructures. Decoding Concrete Cracks Concrete cracks […]

Building a Sustainable Future: The Rise of Green Concrete

Green Concrete

In the construction industry, the search for sustainable building materials is increasingly important. As we grapple with the realities of global warming and resource depletion, the concrete industry is turning its attention to innovative solutions. One such solution is green concrete, a material that promises not only strength and durability but also a significantly reduced […]

The Evolution of Concrete: A Pillar of Human Civilization


Since time immemorial, humans have sought to build structures that stand the test of time. In this quest, one material has stood out for its durability, versatility, and ubiquity: concrete. From the grandeur of ancient Roman architecture to the soaring skyscrapers of modern cities, concrete has been a constant companion in our architectural journey. The […]

Why is MEGASLAB the modern day Roman concrete?

Megaslab Concrete Flooring

If you’re in the #concrete industry or are just fascinated with Roman architecture and the second most used substance on the planet, then you have seen the articles swirling around this week regarding how scientists have discovered the “why” in Roman concrete durability. This article is my attempt to provide a high level view on […]

MEGASLAB®- Patented Technology

patent logo

MEGASLAB® now has multiple patents for proprietary elements of its technology.  Marietta, Georgia (December 2022) – MEGASLAB® no longer has patent-pending elements of its proprietary concrete technology, and is now a patent protected system.



MEGASLAB® App for Authorized Installer network to be released soon. Marietta, Georgia (January 2023) – The team at MEGASLAB® is excited to roll out its newest technology – an app for mobile devices. Exclusively available for the Authorized Installer network, understanding and verifying the MEGASLAB® install process has never been easier. The app provides installation […]

MEGASLAB® Selected for Yancey CAT Facility in Atlanta, Georgia

yancey CAT

MEGASLAB® heads to its own backyard for Yancey Bros CAT pavement project in Atlanta, Georgia  Atlanta, Georgia (December 2022) – Yancey Bros. Co, Georgia’s Caterpillar Equipment dealer, has selected MEGASLAB® for its pavement expansion project. By not doing things “they way they’ve always done it”, Yancey will benefit from the elimination of almost 2 miles […]

MEGASLAB® Specified at Additional Altorfer CAT Location

Altorfer CAT 1

Altorfer CAT becomes repeat client of MEGASLAB® pavement. Cedar Rapids, Iowa (September 2022) – MEGASLAB® has been selected for another Altorfer CAT facility in Iowa. In 2019, MEGASLAB® was successfully installed @ (2) Altorfer locations in Illinois concurrently. Those locations have gone through multiple Illinois winters with success. MEGASLAB® will be working through Ryan Companies […]